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Diving in Tuscany. La Sugherosa, a perfect villa for divers

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Punta Ala is located right in the middle of some of the best and most renowned dive sites in Italy and the Mediterranean. The Tuscan Archipelago is in fact a real paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts: the island of Elba, Montecristo, Giannutri, Pianosa, Isola del Giglio, Capraia, Cerboli, Palmaiola are all arranged in a radial pattern around Punta Ala and reachable in an hour.

The Punta Ala Diving Center Cooldive has been active in Punta Ala for two years and organizes dives on the Island of Elba, on the Sparviero rock, in Cerboli and Palmaiola, all reachable by rubber dinghy from Punta Ala in a maximum of 45 minutes.

Among the most prestigious diving spots are the islands of Giannutri, Giglio, Pianosa and Montecristo, which are all part of a protected marine area.

The water temperature in Tuscany allows diving from June, when the average water temperature is around 20 degrees, until the end of October, when the temperature reaches 24 degrees; the thermocline does not normally drop below 18 degrees.

Among the species that can easily be spotted while diving in the Tuscan archipelago, the groupers, sea eagles, barracudas, conger eels, moray eels, black corvines, snappers and amberjacks are particularly noteworthy. The channel that separates Punta Ala from the Island of Elba is also a place of passage for cetaceans; it is very frequent, during navigation, to meet dolphins but, with a little luck, you can also meet whales ...

or even some other unexpected animal ...

While Cerboli, Palmaiola, and the Island of Elba can be reached directly by rubber dinghy from Punta Ala, to dive in Pianosa, Montecristo and Capraia it is advisable to contact some of the numerous diving centers on the Island of Elba, in particular Elba Diving in Marciana Marina for the north coast and Mandel Diving for the south coast; the embarkation for the island of Elba is located in Piombino, half an hour from Punta Ala and the ferry takes about 40 minutes to cross. The dives in Giannutri and the Isola del Giglio are organized by the diving centers of the Argentario area, in particular by Argentario Divers.

For diving enthusiasts La Sugherosa is an ideal base for exploring the entire Tuscan archipelago, from Capraia in the north to Giannutri in the south; the private garage has plenty of space to rinse and store gear between dives and the panoramic terrace is perfect for drying wetsuits after a dive.

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