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Merenderia da Paguro

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

You know the old joke about a sign inside a shop "good, fast and cheap: please choose two out of three"?

It is common belief that, unless you're dealing with a philanthropist (more about that in Carlo Maria Cipolla, Allegro ma non troppo, Il Mulino) you can't have good, fast and cheap at the same time.

Talking about restaurants, it is common belief that you will rarely find a place with excellent food, cheap and hearty at the same time; in most cases, a restaurant good and cheap will leave you hungry at the end of the meal.

Merenderia da Paguro is a nice exception to that rule.

The place is a tiny house made of bricks, tiles and wood, with an outside patio.

Merenderia da Paguro - L'interno del locale
Merenderia da Paguro

It is one of the few remaining places where you can find the typical tuscan cooking as it used to be half a century ago; everything is great: the grilled meat, the ribollita, the bruschetta, the cold cuts, the bread, the cantuccini, the cheesecake (tuscan style: torta alla ricotta).

But be careful: don't indulge into the habit of ordering three or more courses;

If you want some sandwiches to take away, this is the place to go.

Most of the dishes are homemade.

There's one more thing: the waiters smile! Which is not to be taken for granted in maremma...

Average price per person: 20 euros.

Time from La Sugherosa: 10 minutes.

My rating: 8/10

Booking required. Phone: +39 351 7330943

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