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From La Sugherosa to the beaches

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

There's many beaches to visit while you're enjoying your vacation at La Sugherosa.

The first choice would be one of the many bathing facilities in Punta Ala, from Bagno Quadrifoglio to Punta Hidalgo.

Bagno Quadrifoglio is the last bathing facility in Punta Ala on the northern side; you can get there by car following these directions.

Other bathing facilities, a little more expensive, you can reach from here. Leave your car at the parking lot, and ask for informations at: Bagno La Vela and Bagno Belmare.

Heading south, toward the reef, you will find other bathing facilities located close to the Polo field, here (Gymnasium Beach, La Bussola and Punta Hidalgo).

In all these places, you will find a sandy beach and bathing facilities where you will pay a daily fee (ranging from 50 to 100 euros a day) for an umbrella, two deck chairs and a sun lounger; depending on the price the facilities may include bar, restaurant, gym etc.

If you don't want any facility and you just want to place your towel on the sand and enjoy sunbathing, head north of the Bagno Quadrifoglio where you will find a couple of miles of public beach. There's many parking lots on the road going from Punta Ala to Castiglione della Pescaia, starting from here.

Going on to the north, you will find the last bathing facility: Casetta Civinini. The parking lot for the Casetta Civinini is here.

Besides the bathing facilities there are two other beaches that you MUST see while you're in Punta Ala.

The first one is Cala Civette, a secluded beach with crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkeling; you can get there walking 30 minutes along the beach starting from the last parking lot along the road here.

When you get to the Civette tower

you can either cross the river (the water is knee high) or walk 100 meters across the sea (the water is one meter high) and you're done!

The other "must see" beach is Cala Violina, one of the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany (Update June 2021: reservation required! Click here).

To get there you have to leave your car at the parking lot here and walk 40 minutes up the hill and down to the beach (quite tiresome, but the reward is worth it).

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